Collaboration With Indonesian Music Hip-Hop Icon Iwa K

Set to release its collaborative collection with the renowned Indonesian hip-hop music icon, Iwa K, starting from November 21, 2023.


Drawing inspiration from the songs and album covers of the artist, whose real name is Iwa Kusuma, the collaboration between Quiet Under None and Iwa K will feature a unique visual style characteristic of Quiet Under None.


In more detail about the Quiet Under None product itself, the collection, consisting of 4 articles, is made from 235 gsm cotton, complemented by high-quality printing to ensure comfort for the wearers.

Quiet Under None and the esteemed rapper, known for solo albums since 1993, will celebrate with a showcase on the same date, at ZODIAC, Jakarta. showcasing various legendary hits such as "Kuingin Kembali," "Bebas," "Malam Indah," and many more.


Moving forward, Quiet Under None is reported to unveil collaborations with renowned local filmmakers and local musicians working together through music videos with QUN Films, a sister company of Quiet Under None.